Dress Code and Etiquette

To carry on one of the best traditions of the game we would ask all members and visitors alike should adhere to our Dress code and Etiquette Policy.

In relation to the course, the Club operates a very typical Dress policy with normal Golfing attire being acceptable. This would usually include anything purchased from a Golf Shop. The Clubhouse operates a policy of smart, casual dress.


While we understand the majority of Golfers are aware of the etiquette, we have included the policy below to assist. This may be more relevant to players new to the game.

For the enjoyment of everyone on the course we ask members and visitors alike to observe the following

  • The Rules & Etiquette of Golf on the Course
  • Play without delay when players in front are out of range
  • Let following players through when you are unable to keep up with the players ahead of you
  • Repair pitch marks & bunker damage
  • Replace divots
  • Shout fore as loudly as possible whenever you or one of your partners stike a ball towards others OR into a blind section of the course. TAKE COVER immediately on hearing such a call.
  • Comply with the regulations of the day and all instructions given to you by the Club Professional and his staff
  • Mobile phones set to silent  in the Clubhouse