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We are proud of our ‘friendly reputation’ at Chippenham.

We welcome and integrate new members, particularly those who are new to the area. Membership really is a great way to improve you game, mix with like minded people and feel a part of a proud and successful Club.  We have now introduced four new categories of intermediate membership covering the 26-29 age groups.  See our rates below.

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Membership Rates and Categories

Subscription Rates (Membership year runs from 1st May 2017 - 30th April 2018)
Full annual Subscription £889.00
5-day annual Subscription £793.00
Intermediate - Under 30 £782.00
Intermediate - Under 29 £675.00
Intermediate - Under 28 £567.00
Intermediate - Under 27 £461.00
Young Adult, 21 - Under 26 £354.00
Under 21 (colts) £204.00
Junior and Student Subscription £105.00
Cadet Junior Membership (pre-Junior membership) £38.00
Country Membership Subscription £360.00
Social Membership More info £50.00 incl VAT
Social Spouse £28.00 incl VAT
Flexible Membership More info £416.00 + green fees
Pathway Package £488.00

Affiliation Fees

  • Men     £ 17.15 
  • Ladies £ 19.65
Spouses are entitled to Social Membership, enabling them to use the Clubhouse facilities at an annual charge of £28.00 incl VAT. All other charges are VAT exempt.
The Club has a facility for paying Annual Subscriptions by Direct Debit. Details are available on request.
Our financial year commences on 1 May and subscriptions are charged pro rata after 1 June. This means that 11/12ths of the Subscription is paid if an Applicant joins during June.

For further details of membership categories, the application process and payment options please contact our Manager.

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